Would you know the Antichrist if you saw him?

In movies, television, and cartoons, evil is almost always shown as something ugly or unappealing. The main bad guy has a scar on his face, or he can’t walk, or one of his hands is robotic. You can tell he’s bad by the look on his face or the way he talks.
However, in the real world, evil is MUCH more hidden and hard to see. People deceive one another all the time, like con artists. They make the other person think their trying to help them, when, in fact, it’s all a lie to get something they want.
So, how do we tell good from evil? How do we know right from wrong? How do we see past the lies?
Please listen as pastor Mike Pratt continues our study from Revelation and answers these questions.

Would you know the Antichrist if you saw him?

by Pastor Mike Pratt

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