Will your religiosity take you to God?


Most religious people have a desire to be close to God and to please Him; however, not everyone knows how God wants us to draw closer to Him. The Pharisees wanted to be like God and godly men, but they had completely missed the point, because they thought that righteousness depends on the things that we do. They thought that we need to make ourselves holy and then come to God. However, the Bible makes it very clear that we cannot make ourselves truly holy. The Bible shows us that there are two different kinds of faith: the kind of faith that trusts in itself for righteousness through doing good things, and the kind of faith that acknowledges its guilt and comes to God asking for mercy. Please listen as Michael Pratt shares with us how a prostitute in the Bible became an example for us of faith in Jesus.

Will your religiosity take you to God?

by Pastor Mike Pratt

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