What is the best thing in life to have?


What’s the best thing in live to have? A Ferrari? A house in the Alps or Tuscany? Your own 20-meter yacht? What one thing can give any person true joy and happiness? What makes you look at a person and say, “Yeah… that person has it all”?

The Bible answers this question. There is something that really lets you “have it all,” but it’s not physical possessions. It’s knowing Jesus Christ. That may sound backward or fake, but no – God is really the only One who can bring you true joy.

Please listen as Volodia Baran, one of the servants here at New Horizons, shares from 1 John 5 and talks about how a life with Jesus Christ is really the most valuable thing we can have.

What is the best thing in life to have?

by Volodia Baran

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