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In this sermon, Michael Pratt tells a large part of the story of how his family first moved to Ukraine. It’s a great testimony of God’s grace, provision, and how He wants us to persevere through hard times. Those hard times that you go through in life, just like Mike , those things are there for God to use in your life to teach you and prepare you. They are there to grow you up and mature you so that the things you learn about God, you can share those with others. Sometimes we think about God like He has limited abilities, but that is so far from the truth. In this sermon, there is also a great challenge for men to rise up and be who God wants them to be. Later in the sermon, Michael also talks about four things that help us to be ready to be used by God: 1. Focus on God’s plans, not your own 2. Understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit 3. Be willing to change 4. Follow where the Spirit leads
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