Walking in God’s Grace


Walking in God’s Grace. Unfortunately we often try to relate to God by our works. Our relationship is then up and down with God because our works are not consistent enough. We try to do everything right…but we fail. We try to live up to our own spiritual expectations, or someone elses, but it is in our own strength and abilities.. We think if we do well, God will then bless us and do more for us. And when we fail we think God is angry with us and going to punish us. Isn’t this what we learned as children. Do well and we get rewards and if we do bad we get punished? We seem to think that is the same with God. With this our life becomes a roller coaster ride. Up and then down all the time. Listen in as our guest speaker pastor Dennis Janisse shares how to Walk in God’s Grace…..Walking in God’s Love, Mercy and Grace!
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