Two Promises of God


Two Promises Of God. What purpose does the law have. Paul says it was added because of sin until Christ comes. The law was in effect until Christ came the first time. It was conditional. Once Jesus came and gave His life for our sins and was buried and rose from he dead He fulfilled the law. Never again will there be a need for any sacrifice. Moses is there with the people at Mt. Sinai and God reminded them of all He had done and all the ways He provided for them. We have the written Word of God so that we too can know God. Moses was to represent the people and he was to go up on the mountain for God to speak to him. Now Moses is about to go up on this mountain and it is shaking and there is smoke and they hear the voice of God. Listen in as Pastor Mike shares more about what God has to say to Moses and the to His people and hear the promises He made.
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