Trust in God, even in the desert!


Exodus 17 – If you’re leading a nation of people that’s the size of Kyiv, and God says, “Go into the desert, where there is no water,” what do you do? Moses had lived in the desert for 40 years before he came back to Egypt to take the people to their new homeland. He knew how harsh and hard it would be to lead the people through that area. God knows better than we do about what we should do and where we should go. As we are living our lives and leading our families, we need to stop, ask God, and listen to where He wants to lead you. Yes, God told Moses to lead the people into the desert, but His provision was there. Those kind of situations teach us to have confidence in God. How is God asking you to trust Him today?

Trust in God, even in the desert!

by Pastor Mike Pratt

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