The Holy Spirit: Are we filled or afraid?


Do we need instructions to know how to live? What should we do?  Who should we talk to? How do we love people that are hard to love?  How do you find hope and confidence when the future seems impossible? Of course, we all need help to plan and do things, especially when life is hard or confusing and the future seems uncertain. Jesus told His disciples, “Wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit”.  The disciples were confused and thought, “Maybe now is the time when Jesus will bring back the kingdom of Israel!”  However, God was not ready to bring this promise to pass. Confusion can lead to frustration and even despair, because we lack the wisdom or experience to make wise decisions. The result: more embarrassment, confusion, frustration, and we still have not received a response to our needs – we do not know what to do!  So what is the answer?

The Holy Spirit: Are we filled or afraid?

by Pastor Mike Pratt

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