I’m not perfect, but I’m better than him!

“I’m better than you!”… You may not say that to someone else, but we’ve all thought that way at one point or another. What makes a person “better” or “worse”, though? How do I know if I’m a “bad” person or a “good” person? One of the worst problems Christians have is “self-righteousness” – it’s the idea that the things that I do make me righteous… or, at least, more righteous than someone else. What does the Bible say about this, though? How does God decide who is “good” and who is “bad”? Does it really matter if “I’m better than you!”?
Please listen as pastor Mike Pratt continues our study in Romans and talks about the difference between righteousness and self-righteousness.

I'm not perfect, but I'm better than him!

by Pastor Mike Pratt

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