How do you raise healthy sheep?


Raising sheep can be a challenge. They get lost easily and need someone to lead them, they get sick easily, and they aren’t very smart. They also have different personalities: some listen well, some are lazy, and some are stubborn and don’t listen at all. Sheep without a shepherd don’t live very long.
What’s the right response to a sheep that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do? Do you yell at the sheep? Do you force it to do what we want? No! A good shepherd gets to know each sheep and knows how to lead them the right way.
The Bible often compares us to sheep: we get spiritually lost and sick easily, and we need a Shepherd – Jesus. He is not the kind of shepherd that will yell at us – He leads us as a good shepherd. He knows us perfectly and uses our situations, the Word, and the Holy Spirit to teach us and help us to grow. He, in turn, wants to teach us to be good shepherds so that we will take care of each other.
Please listen as Michael Pratt shares out of Acts 20 how Jesus is our Good Shepherd.
Picture Credit – “Sheep” by Jeff Kubina on, some rights reserved.

How do you raise healthy sheep?

by Pastor Mike Pratt

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