How do you measure your happiness?


How do you measure your happiness? What steals your joy or gives you joy? Is it a position you hold somewhere, a relationship you have, your education, or your job? Can we get real joy from the things that we can buy from money? Paul, before he became a Christian, had it all. He was respected by everyone, involved with the government, had money, and had the best education available in his time. He was a moral guy, and everyone thought he was holy. However, he wasn’t saved! He prayed at the right times and followed all of the religious rules, but God still wasn’t happy with him. Paul still wasn’t righteous! God measures joy and righteousness different than we do. Please listen as we continue our study of Philippians and find out how true joy and righteous come to a person.

How do you measure your happiness?

by Pastor Mike Pratt

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