How do you handle rejection?


How do you feel when someone rejects you? Have you ever been the last one called for a birthday party? Have you ever shown up to an event where you should have been invited, but they forgot to put you on the list? We are often afraid of rejection, and that can even change the way we treat the people around us. If someone is in a “high position” or even just popular, we often treat them more nicely than if someone is “beneath us” in our social structure. All of these things are symptoms of a much bigger problem – in our hearts, people are big, and God is small. We are studying the fear of man and the fear of God. Our study is based on the book by Ed Welch, “When People Are Big and God is Small.” This book is a must read for everyone, believer and unbeliever. Please listen as pastor mike shares in part three of our series, “Do You Fear God or Man?”
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