How do you grow up?


Hebrews 5:12-14, Exodus 15 – There are different ways that we mature as Christians. We mature through prayer, reading the Bible, taking on responsibilities and finishing those responsibilities well, and through mature fellowship with others. How is God working in your life? He often uses hard situations and difficulties to bring us to a place where we have to grow. He often uses others to speak to us or affect our lives to make us grow – even those people that make our lives more difficult. What should our focus be during a trial? Should it be the trial and how to solve it? Should it be the response we have to that trial? No – we should recognize that God hasn’t gone anywhere, He knows where we are, He knows our pains, and He won’t allow anything to happen that He isn’t already working in. Our focus in those situations should be on Him. In Exodus 15, there are a couple of tests of faith that Moses and the people of Israel go through. Israel is tested in whether or not they will follow God through Moses, and Moses is tested in whether or not he will lead the people in the way that God wants him to.
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