Have you kept all of the Ten Commandments?


What happens when you talk to other Christians and they get their finger out and point it at you? What happens when we judge people like that? We don’t want to talk to people like that. We avoid people like that. This is what Israel did when God talked to them. They trembled and stood far off from Him. This is what the Law does. It shows our sin and makes us feel guilty. Moses told them to not be afraid and that this was happening so you may not sin against God. There is a relationship between the law and our sin. You know you can’t keep the law. God points out our sins through the law but then always gives us a way out. He provides a way out. The Law drives us to a  Savior, Jesus! Listen as Pastor Mike gives us more insight on God’s Word.

Have you kept all of the Ten Commandments?

by Pastor Mike Pratt

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