Do you trust in God’s promises?

Often, when we think God is telling us to do something, our first response is to question Him, doubt Him, and wait for Him to prove that He is going to provide for us. You may have had a similar experience – many people in the Bible did!
In the books of Genesis and Romans, however, we have a different example – Abraham. God told him to do something, and he just went out and did it, trusting in God’s promises! God called him “righteous” because he was willing to trust Him. Nevertheless, there are many other people in the Bible that show the opposite example – waiting for God to prove that He will be faithful before being faithful to God. What example reflects your life? Are you like Abraham, believing immediately in God’s promises, or are you more like the others?
Please listen as pastor Mike Pratt continues our study in Romans, encouraging us to trust in God’s promises, regardless of what He is asking us to do.

Do you trust in God's promises?

by Pastor Mike Pratt

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