Did Paul ever struggle with giving up?


What occupies your thoughts, your minds right now? Is it what’s on the news, in your family, your studies, your work… Are you worried about something? How does that affect you? It can make you tired; it can make you weary. It can seem at times that problems keep coming at us continually. We can wonder what reality the day will bring to us. It can make us want to give up. Do you think Paul ever had that problem? We can think of him sometimes as a super-apostle. After all, he wrote almost 1/3 of the New Testament. We can think that he and people like him (Moses, David, etc.) didn’t struggle with everyday desires of giving up or failure – that’s not true, though! In this sermon, Michael Pratt shares out of Acts 18 about how God helped Paul to deal with the desire to give up.

Did Paul ever struggle with giving up?

by Pastor Mike Pratt

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