Bitterness – Destroy it or it will destroy you!


When someone does not repent of something, and I don’t forgive him or her, isn’t that a great time to be bitter? God offers forgiveness to everyone, but many refuse to accept it. God wants you and me to be willing to forgive everyone; however, of course, there will be people who will reject it. If you are willing to forgive, but the person rejects it, should you forgive the offender or still firmly hold on to the “crime” that he did? You see, bitterness begins with the slightest injustice. The more you think about it, the more and more it becomes destructive. In the last sermon, we compared the desire for revenge with a hurricane. It all starts with a small but strong wind. When the winds start to circulate, it becomes stronger and stronger. With each new circle, the wind’s power increases, until a hurricane is formed. Hurricanes can destroy cities and even small islands. Bitterness is like a hurricane. It all starts with small hurts and continues until it develops into a deadly storm that destroys you and many people around you.

Bitterness - Destroy it or it will destroy you!

by Pastor Mike Pratt

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