Are you listening to God’s messengers?


God is an amazing God, and He can speak to us in many different ways, but are we listening? In the book of Revelation chapter 3, the church of Sardis wasn’t listening to God’s messengers, and they were about to face the consequences. God wanted to bless them, to be with them, and to teach them His ways, but they were ignoring Him. They were going to church, worshipping, praying, etc. – but they were ignoring God! We can be the same way – we often ignore the messages that God sends to us! However, when we listen, God shows us how to grow, how to repent, and how to change! He has a working, loving relationship with us. Please listen as Michael Pratt shares from Revelation 3 about the messengers that God wants to send and how we need to listen.

Are you listening to God's messengers?

by Pastor Mike Pratt

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