Are you like lukewarm coffee?


Have you ever walked away from a cup of coffee or tea on a cold day and came back expecting it to be still hot, only to be disappointed that it was cold? Have you ever had a bite of food that you expected to be one temperature, but it was completely the opposite of what you wanted? Did you finish it, or did you spit it out? This is how Jesus felt about the church in Laodicea. The people in that church were going there only because of their tradition. Their religion was no longer hot – it was “lukewarm”. Because of this, it wasn’t meeting their hearts’ needs, and it wasn’t meeting Jesus’ expectations for them. A true relationship with Jesus Christ satisfies our soul. It comforts us when we are lonely or sad, but the Laodiceans didn’t have that. Jesus sent a letter to them through John to say, “I’m still here – let Me in! I want to give you a second chance!” Please listen as pastor Mike shares from Revelation 3 about the church in Laodicea.
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