Our Staff

Pastor Mike Pratt

Mike Pratt is the founding pastor at New Horizons L’viv. He’s been a missionary in Ukraine since 1994 and has served in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovs’k, and L’viv. About himself, Mike says “I eat raw pork fat (that’s what missionaries do). Dig into the bible. Do my best to teach what I uncover. Climb on rocks. Live in an awesome city.” He lives here in L’viv with his wife, Michelle, and youngest son, Josh. Their daughter, Nicole, also serves in the church with her husband, Joshua Baldonado.

Joshua and Nicole Baldonado

Joshua and Nicole serve at New Horizons in various ways. Joshua is the leader of the Sound Ministry, assisting the worship ministry and just making sure that Sunday mornings go smoothly.

Volodia Baran

Volodia came on staff at New Horizons in 2014 and has been a huge blessing ever since. He helps with the basic administrative functions of the church and serves alongside pastor Mike as a Pastoral Intern.

David and Katya Snead

David Snead has been serving in New Horizons since its beginning in 2010. David leads the Communications Team, including our website and social media channels. He and his wife, Katya, serve in the church in different ways.

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