Orphanage Ministry

Our church loves and serves kids! We have a unique opportunity to be some of the first people who open the Gospel to the orphans in our area, pray for them, and show them how wonderful life with Jesus can be!

For more information, you can call us: Life – 093 258 58 49 Kyivstar – 098 549 27 42

Who can serve?

Everyone who loves kids! If you think kids are awesome and want to spend time with them – this is the ministry for you! Even if you think that it could be hard for you to work with kids, you can serve in other ways, helping with organization, donations, etc. Come join us!

What do we do?

We try to show God’s love to children in orphanages, open the Gospel to them, and serve their needs! We pray for them so that they would accept Jesus as their Savior and try to be “big brothers and sisters in Christ” to them. Whether it’s through singing, dancing, playing games, Bible stories, crafts, or puppet shows, evertything we do with them is simply to show them the Love of Christ!

When is it?

Usually trips to the orphanage are on Saturdays, but sometimes we have opportunities to serve during the week.
Тел: +38 098 549 27 42 (Kyivstar), +38 093 258 58 49 (Life)
Адреса: вул. Кониського 6 / 7
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