Our Ministries

Sunday Service at 9:30am and 12.00am

On Sundays, we come together as a church for prayer, music, and a sermon with time to hang out afterward with coffee, tea, and cookies. Services are at 9:30am and 12.00am.

Youth Group – Fridays at 18:30

Every Friday at 18:30 to 21:00 youth from our church get together to have fun, play games, listen to live music, and study the Bible. We also have camps and conferences. If you’re between the ages of 13 and 21, please come and join us!

English Cafe – Wednesdays at 18:30

New Horizons English is for people who want to practice the English they know, and to grow in their vocabulary. We are Americans, so English is our native language. We want to take our language skills and share them with you so you can improve your ability to understand and speak English.

Orphanage Ministry

Our church loves and serves kids! We have a unique opportunity to be some of the first people who open the Gospel to the orphans in our area, pray for them, and show them how wonderful life with Jesus can be!

Тел: +38 098 549 27 42 (Kyivstar), +38 093 258 58 49 (Life)
Адреса: вул. Кониського 6 / 7

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