Can we know God?

God loves you!

Yes you! Did you know that? The God that created the stars, the planets, the distant galaxies, the trees and the oceans – that God loves you! He created you, gave you life, gave you breath and gave you a mind to think and dream and create, just like He does!

There's a Problem

…a big problem.

There’s a problem, though. We, through our actions, rejected God. He gave us life, breath, health, and all goodness, and we chose to reject Him by disobeying Him. This is called sin – and this sin creates a barrier between us and God. It’s like a wall between us that is miles high or a stain on a t-shirt that you can never get off.

There's hope!

Even though there was no way for us to save ourselves, God wanted to save us Himself.

Jesus Christ, the God-Man, God in human flesh, came down to pay for our sins. How would He do it, though?

First, He lived a perfect life and never sinned.

He had to do this, but why? Because you can’t wash a dirty garment with dirty water and make it clean! This is why we can’t pay for ourselves! We are dirty with sin, and we can’t wash ourselves, but Jesus came down clean to wash us Himself.

Next, He was executed on a cross, taking our punishment.

We deserve death because we all broke God’s law. That’s real justice. However, God’s Grace was shown when Jesus Christ was crucified in our place.

Lastly, He didn’t allow death to hold Him.

His resurrection shows that God accepted His sacrifice as the payment for our sins! This is also the proof that Jesus Christ is God – He rose from the dead!

You have a choice!

You have a choice to make.

God’s given us all a second chance, and it’s up to us to take it or not! Have you made that step? Have you chosen to trust in the sacrifice that Jesus made for your sins? Have you told God that you don’t want to disobey Him anymore and that you’re sorry for the bad things that you’ve done?

We want to help!

God wants us to help each other!

Maybe you have questions, maybe you want to pray with someone, or maybe you just made the decision to trust in Jesus Christ to pay for your sins… If any of those are true, or if you just want to talk, please send us a message below! You can also call us at +38 098 549 27 42 (Kyivstar), +38 093 258 58 49 (Life)

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